Sales Representation/Account Service
Donna Jarnagin 865-599-0803

Martin Daniel 865-748-2427

Billboard Specs

  • Size:10.5 x 36
  • Market Area: Morristown
  • Location: 1501 W. Morris Blvd, WB, RHR
  • Latitude: 36.217618
  • Longitude: -83.27648396205
  • Traffic Count: 18,009 DEC: 12,426
  • Illuminated: Yes

  • Description:

    Morristown Billboard for lease - Description: This board is located on the busy Morris Blvd. This is a major traveled local thoroughfare in Morristown, TN. This board has an exceptional read time and is located at a traffic light for optimum viewing. As an advertiser, it provides an exceptional opportunity to reach your potential customer every day!

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